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Price:£10 + £2.00 P&P 45 mins

A talk by Richard Farmer on the art of practice. What to practice, how to practice, some of the difficulties of practice and how to make practoce a part of everyday life.

Price: £10 + £2 P&P

The essential 4 stages of Richard's approach; "the welcome"; the "caress of the breath"; the "spine of being"; "embrace now". It ends with a short introductory talk on meditation practice

Price: £10 + £2.00 P&P

Two highly successful and recommeded meditations. The first "The Peace of Stillness" uses the breath to go deeper into the peace of now. Thes econd, "The Soul of Being" is a meditation to stimulate and enliven the heart, which opens the door to love.

His simplicity and the sound of his voice lead us to a profound place of "Being Here".

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